Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall

Happy Fall!

I ended decorating part of my mantle wed last week. My son picked out the most beautiful flowers for me and they were just so "fall-ish" that I couldn't not put up some additional decorations :) I held out on the rest since it wasnt fall yet- but now its go time!!

Can't remember what else we did but I tried a new workout with resistance bands. I felt a little uncoordinated but it was a good workout and I could definitely feel it in my triceps on Sunday.  I did Jessica Smith's resistance band workout on YouTube. I was sweating pretty good. Also - I must say I HATE lunges. I need to practice them because I feel so dang uncoordinated doing them.

I went on a run (C25k week 5 day 1 - again.)  My app wasn't working for some reason and won't document that I'd already completed the run.  Good thing though, since I didn't feel as awesome as I had the past couple of runs.  It would have been a little discouraging to up my minutes running and not feel as good.  We went to an Oktoberfest in one of our neighboring towns.  It was just okay.  My husband and son ate a pretzel the size of a dinner plate.  It was actually probably bigger than that.  They had a string they tied around it and you could wear it around your neck while you drank your beer.  They've thought of everything.  Saturday night was a crazy thunderstorm. The house was literally shaking!  Poor puppy was hiding under our bed.  Not gonna lie....I wanted to join her!

Home from Oktoberfest.

On my run.  Please don't change, weather!

SUNDAY - I got really wrapped up in a quilt I was sewing and didn't workout.  Oops.  It happens.  I also fell into a box of Trader Joe's chocolate dipped frozen bananas.  Sometimes that happens, too.

After lots of moaning and groaning I finally got my booty out on a run.  The hardest part about taking breaks from exercising is getting back into the routine of it.  Im so glad I finally got out there.  Today was Week 5 day 2 of Couch to 5 K.  It was 8 mins of running, 5 mins of walking, 8 mins of running.  I went on a different trail today and it was a lot more hilly.  Including my walking, warm-up and cool down I was just at 2.19 miles.  The next run has significantly more running.  It's just running 20 mins straight. We'll see how that goes.  I'll be sneaky and go for a flatter trail ;)  When I got home I did the deuces circuit from Housewife Glamour's blog.  Loveee it!

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