Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

Good morning!  Hope everyone had a great weekend. Apparently I took a long weekend myself since I didnt blog yesterday. :)

We went to my friend's son's birthday party. I had a good time catching up with old friends I haven't seen in four and a half years. Wow.  It was neat seeing them as mommies now. I should have taken a picture with them. Fail.  We ordered Thai Food for dinner.  I love me some good Thai :D

We discovered a new trail and park!  We recently moved to a new city and have been loving the fact that the city has a plethora of parks and trails. It's a super family friendly place to live.  Fall at least looked like it was on its way - despite the heat when we were walking in the sun. But there seemed to be the fall chill in the air in the morning. Time to head to Bath and Body Works to get some fall candles. 'Cause that's what you do. Right? Let's make fall happen. 

It was just a quick walk - just a mile.  The Hubs pushed the kiddos in the stroller and I walked the dog.

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