Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good Excuses

Good Evening!
Hope everyone's Wednesday is going well.  We're almost through the week!  

Monday started off with an attempted workout which was quickly abandoned since our air conditioner decided to stop working.  On the plus side...since the air wasn't working I had a good excuse to not cook dinner.  Always look on the bright side... :D  We tried a new restaurant which was a super nice treat.  I had a BLT sandwich with Avocado.  Huge slices of bacon.  I could feel my arteries clogging.  I heard the couple next to us raving about the heirloom salad so the next time we go back I will get that with chicken.  yum.  After dinner it was off to the frozen yogurt shop -- and then it was home for a battle royal with our four year old over bedtime.  We finally got him in bed by making him a sticker chart.  When he gets six stickers we will get him some green facepaint so he can be a Ninja Turtle.  Some call it bribery, some call it parenting.  It's a fine line.  After he was finally in bed I stress ate some "ice cream".  It happens.  

I ended the evening with a bedtime yoga routine.  I needed it. 

Tuesday the pup and I headed out for a great run.  I swear - we live in such a beautiful area.  I can feel the hint of fall in the air.  I was actually cold during my warmup.  

We ended up going out to dinner again Tuesday because the air conditioner still wasn't working.  We also visited the Halloween store!  Growing up - we started thinking about what our costumes were going to be starting in July.  It's an almost daily conversation with my oldest.  :D   

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