Wednesday, October 1, 2014

She's On Vacation


It's been too long since I've last written. Guess that's what happens when you go on vacation!

Let's see...updates:

We went on a hike with my son's the pouring rain!  The kiddos had so much fun though!  They did way better than I thought.  I figured they'd be wet and grumpy within the first couple of minutes and ready to go home!  Troopers.

Later that day: New haircut.  I'm still getting used to the bangs...I actually wear them to the side most of the time.  We will see how I like them as time goes on.

Got my run on.  Super slow.  I was hoping my first 20 min run would be flat so it would be easier.  I was pressed for time and decided to just stick closer to the house and get 'er done.  (do people still say that?  Probably not. ha.)  Ended up being pretty hilly.

Took a quick drive up to Northern California.

On another hike.  Can you spot my wild animal?

for the baby book:  Baby's first trail run!

The couple who runs together :D

Running at the beach with my husband, dad, and doggy

Enjoyed a little bit of vacation reading

Now we're back into the daily grind of things around here.  :D

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